Practical History

The Uses of History in Business, Tech & Beyond
host: Patryk Babiracki

History is fascinating... But can it be practical? Can it be actionable? How does historical thinking fit into the 21st-century marketplace? Check out my monthly audio podcast Practical History to find out!

I’m Patryk Babiracki, a history professor, researcher & writer. Since earning my PhD from Johns Hopkins some years ago, I've been teaching, doing research throughout Europe and North America & writing about the heroes & villains of the past. Now I'm on a quest to discover how historical imagination & skills can be used to solve today's real-life problems facing people and institutions. On Practical History, I talk to researchers, analysts, consultants & executives who studied history and now use it as a superpower to help their organizations & communities grow.

You might find my podcast useful if you're:

-An executive curious about what historians can do for your company

-A student wondering about your career options with your history degree

-An academic eager to help your students build fulfilling careers in business & tech

New episodes come out on the first Thursday of each month.

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